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Plan B

Our climate needs a plan B! The Madrid conference practically failed despite the joint final protocol. The United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Australia are blocking a more effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, even though they are themselves affected by climate change. Ever more violent hurricanes hit the southern coast of the USA, Australia has to deal with ever more violent bush fires and if Brazil wants to make the current rainforest on the Amazon as an agricultural area, the soil will dry up quickly with global warming and become a desert in a few decades. Nevertheless, good words and reasonable arguments are not enough to convince the governments of these countries. Under these conditions, however, global warming can no longer be stopped by reducing greenhouse gases!

So the planet needs a plan B, with which the planet can be saved even without these countries. 500 years ago, humans cut down massive forests to build a large number of ships. This was the beginning of the voyages of discovery and the establishment of colonies. The low storage capacity for CO2 has already led to an increase in greenhouse gases in pre-industrial times. We have known since 2016 that this increase about 250 years ago prevented the small ice age, as the cold phase after the Middle Ages was later called, from becoming a large ice age, in which the North Pole returned to the Harz for around 100,000 years would have expanded. This ice age is now canceled thanks to global warming. Back then, people intervened in the climate in a blessing, and now they have to do it again. However, the intervention must take place in the opposite direction. Artificial cooling of the earth must be organized quickly.

It is an everyday observation that the temperature under a cloud cover is lower than under otherwise identical conditions with full sunlight. The clouds reflect sunlight even in higher layers of the atmosphere and thus prevent the earth's surface from heating up. Clouds develop over seas faster than over land. Although the water in the oceans is also getting warmer, the oceans are still significantly colder than the land. Artificial cloud formation on land could cool the earth's surface despite the higher CO2 concentration. The deserts should be particularly suitable for this because the heat is greatest here and there is no competition with any other use of land. Sea water would have to be pumped here by pipeline and converted into water vapor in technical systems with passive solar energy. The possible procedure has already been described on the sub-page "Sahara". Artificially generating clouds would have the further advantage that they can also be switched off quickly, e.g. if meteorologists calculated that they would lead to an intensification of extreme weather conditions in a specific situation.

The Ministry of Defense should be responsible for the development and operation of such facilities. This would count the expenditure towards the 2% NATO target. It would also be spending to defend the United States, Brazil and Australia from attacking the global climate and to fight their governments' stupidity. This is the global case of defense, which must be waged with cretivity against narrow-mindedness, with intelligence against stupidity. And these projects would be more urgent than modernizing nuclear weapons.