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6.6. data transfer

The ods files can be used to organize a data transfer to a financial accounting software by creating a table in a separate worksheet according to the specifications of the software, which can be saved as a text file and then imported into the software. This can be organized via an upload via the Internet. The following posting records result from the ods files:

ventasR19.ods      debit cash,                           credit sales
ventasX19.ods      debit cash,                           credit sales
                                gross profit      (=> debit expense, credit inventories)
                                purchase of goods
                                                         (=> debit Inventories, credit cash / bank / [liabilities])
ventasA19.ods      debit [receivables],             credit revenues
ventasC19.ods      debit cash,                           credit sales
                                debit fuel,                             credit cash
                                debit car costs,                    credit cash
                                debit private withdrawal,  credit offsetted vehicle costs
                                tax, insurance, depreciation
ventasM19.ods     debit [receivables],           credit revenues
ventasT19.ods      debit bank / cash register / credit card, credit sales
caja.ods                 debit [expenses or assets], credit cash / bank / Credit Card
factura.ods           debit [expenses or assets], credit [liability]
salario.ods            debit personnel expenses, credit liability
banco.ods             debit bank,                         credit [receivables]
                               debit Bank,                         credit [Yield or Debt]
                               debit [Liabilities] ,              credit bank
                               debit [Expense or assets], credit bank
inversión.ods       debit fixed assets,             credit offset
                               debit depreciation,            credit fixed assets
                               debit expenses from asset disposals, credit fixed assets
                               debit fixed assets,              credit income from asset disposals
                               debit interest expense + loan, credit bank
                               debit offsetting, credit loans
                               debit imputed depreciation, credit calculated imputed costs
                               debit imputed interest,     credit calculated imputed costs
valoración.ods     debit cost of materials,     credit inventories (old)
                               debit Inventories,               credit cost of materials (new)
                               debit Inventory changes,  credit inventories (old)
                               debit Inventory,                  credit Inventories (New)
                               debit Expenses,                  credit value adjustment
                               debit Value adjustment,    credit [claim]
                               debit Value adjustment,    credit other operating income
                               debit other claim,               credit [yield]
                               debit Prepaid expenses,   credit [expense]
                               debit [Expense],                 credit other liability
                               debit [Income],                   credit deferred income
                               debit Tax expense,            credit tax provision
                               debit other receivable,      credit tax
                               debit [Expense],                 credit provision
                              debit Provision,                   credit [expense] or bank / cash
                              debit Provision,                   credit other operating income
                              debit imp. entrepreneurial wage, cred. offseted imp. costs
                              debit imputted rent,           credit offseted imputed costs
                              debit imputed risks,            credit offseted imputed costs
hdg.ods                no accounting

The information in square brackets is specified in the ods file.

The relationships shown in Fig. 48 on p. 202 (goods-money cycle and closing items) can be stored from the ods files and data. From uploaded files, automatically posted accounts and automatically generated evaluations, the planned evaluations, in particular balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement can be created. For the internal accounting, the company accounting sheet I and II has already been presented in the hdg.ods file. For this purpose, an evaluation created from the accounting software would no longer be required.

Alternatively, the files ventas? 19.ods, caja.ods, factura.ods, salario.ods, banco.ods, inversión.ods and valoración.ods could be merged into one common file and then another worksheet for balance sheet, profit and loss Statement of financial position and cash flow statement. You can also set file references. This would have to be designed individually for the respective companies.